A CNFT collection drawn by Fränkaus

We decontextualise. Then, we reconstruct.

Sketchies is a project at the intersection of reality and imagination. Looking to give life to art through fine lines, to see beyond the distractions of the salient, and to capture its real essence into true CNFT art. Our vision is to inspire, to tell a story, and to discover the feeling that is at the core of everything.

What do we want to say with our collection?

Celebrate the human, the marks folks leave on this earth. Treasure the local, the small, the eccentric, the common: anything that has been made with love and care. Respect what people are and what have they created for themselves. Finding beauty in simplicity, in human-scale achievements, while we still can.


We've partnered up with the amazing team of Yummi Universe and pioneer to be the first collection in their Yummi Partnership Program. In essence that means: You can mint our collection using either $YUMMI or $ADA. Using $YUMMI will grant you a 10% discount.

Looks rare? 1/1 sneak peak


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